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As millions of children have asked before, one might ask again, “Is Santa Claus Real?” The answer to this question is “yes,” of course he is. Handshakes, hugs, whispers, smiles, conversations and good spirits are very real – our senses perceive them all. These are the ways that we humans connect with one another. Santa does his best to make sure there are plenty of these to go around. And happily enough, all of these expressions are within our powers to both give AND receive.

By Chris Shoemaker

Each year I get asked, “Is Santa Claus real?”
With a well knowing nod, I answer with zeal,

If he didn’t exist, if he never was,
If he isn’t real, then it’s thus because,

Folks refuse to believe what they cannot see,
What money can’t buy, or unlock with a key.

But with only a wisp of belief or hope,
Any bankrupt soul, finds a new way to cope.

Please consider this story,
Of a wise man whose glory,

Means nothing at all, to him in his life,
If a child, woman or man lives in strife.

Learn of his heart, steadfast and caring,
Hear of his deeds, thoughtful and daring.

Suspend disbelief about Santa Claus,
May your world be joyful, may you shout out ‘hurrahs!’

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