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We all enjoy the turn of a good word, a well-crafted story and the lilt of a poem.  Words and their meanings can move us to laughter, compress us to tears and produce an innumerable array of emotions in between the extremes.  We’ve all heard that “a picture paints a thousand words,” but it might also be said, “a word contains a thousand paintings.” 

Over the years, we’ve penned some stories that come from our rich and improvisational experiences as Mr. & Mrs. Claus; from our family, friends and our travels.  Our material for the poems as well as the shorter stories and essays is a result of our memories, some ascertainable fact and some questionably stretched fiction from events, people, places and dreams in our real lives.  Our writing is fun for us to share, and its source and inspiration is always a curiosity. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our stories – we immensely enjoyed creating them!


The Great Mrs. Claus Poem

“Most fabled and storied is Santa’s life, but few details are known about his wife.” As the beginning of this poem states, it is true that you’ll be hard pressed to find much written or even spoken about Santa’s true-life partner, the great Mrs. Claus.  Over the years, Mrs. Claus has become known as “Santa’s Helper” or the Keeper of the Elves.  She’s infinitely more than that.

Just as anyone in a successful union knows, it takes a strong companion to bring out the best in the other partner.  Mrs. Claus is more than anyone’s helper; she is a smart, spectacular, resourceful and a truly joyous person.  We hope this poem might acknowledge her “... kudos long overdue.”

Look within your own family – she’s probably closer than you think!


Is Santa Claus Real? Poem

As millions of children have asked before, one might ask again, “Is Santa Claus Real?”  The answer to this question is “yes,” of course he is.  Handshakes, hugs, whispers, smiles, conversations and good spirits are very real – our senses perceive them all.  These are the ways that we humans connect with one another.  Santa does his best to make sure there are plenty of these to go around.  And happily enough, all of these expressions are within our powers to both give AND receive. 

More than the white beard, crimson clothing or kindly laugh, being Santa demands an active yet peaceful state of mind; an open and accepting way of being.   Being Claus-like requires being tolerant of others.  It allows us to forgive our own flaws and imperfections as well as those of others.

When appearing before others, it only takes that warm hug, ready smile, easy laugh or brief conversation to bring us closer together.  From that first moment forward, we will remember we’re friends for life.  The next time you encounter Santa (the same goes for Mrs. Claus) in person, look deep into his eyes and see for yourself – Santa believes he’s the real thing – shouldn’t you? 

Believe – Santa Claus is real. 

Believe – Rediscover the child within! 


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