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Personalized Letter from
Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf Sparky

Around the Holidays, it’s a simple but meaningful thrill to receive a personalized letter from Santa.  Although emailing these days is a wonderful and immediate mode of communication, it still doesn’t replace the human touch of a crisp, personally inscribed letter that’s traveled a long distance from The North Pole to reach its special recipient – your child (or young at heart adults!). 

Imagine your child’s mounting suspense as he or she checks your mailbox daily to see if a special letter from Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf Sparky has arrived.  It will indeed provide a heartfelt memory for the entire family! 

Through this corresponding experience, we encourage all children to read, write and learn firsthand the joy of correspondence via the good ‘ol traditional method of the U.S. postal service. 

It’s easy enough.  Here’s how it works:

  •  Each letter is $7.50 (For domestic mail, no shipping or special handling fees.  Add .50¢ for overseas mailing)         
  • In order to receive your personalized letter postmarked from The North Pole, Alaska before Christmas Day, all requests must be received no later than December 5th
  • Fill out our convenient Pay Pal payment form or send a check or money order to The Claus Family Christmas, c/o Roads End Entertainment, 4531 Empire Ave., Hangar 3, Suite 200, Burbank, CA  91505         
  • Click on one of the personalized letter selections below
  • Fill out the personalized response in each data field with suggested responses or create your own unique response for your child or loved one

We happily offer a spunky and smart selection of letters from Santa Claus himself, Mrs. Claus and a truly special letter from Elf Sparky, Santa’s Senior Elf.  Click on any selection below to type in responses to your personalized Holiday letter.  Celebrate the true gift of corresponding! 

Letter from Santa

It’s a wonderful feeling for a child to know that he or she is being well thought of by Santa himself during the holiday season.  Click on the Sample image to the left to view and personalize your very own Letter from Santa. 

Be good and Santa will visit your home soon!


Letter from Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus has much more going on than cooking hot chicken soup and baking chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen.  She has some exciting news to share! Click on the Sample image to the left to view and personalize your very own Letter from Mrs. Claus herself.

Be good and Mrs. Claus will add your name to her list too!


Letter from Elf Sparky

Elves work their entire lives to earn an exemplary reputation, and no Elf alive is more respected at than Elf Sparky!  He is a hard worker.  Click on the Sample image to the left to view and personalize your very own Letter from Elf Sparky. 

Be good and Elf Sparky will most certainly attend to your wishes! 


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