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The Great Mrs. Claus is a delightful holiday love poem written about Santa's better but lesser known half and is an excerpt from a larger work being prepared for publication.

Written by Chris Shoemaker, The Great Mrs. Claus draws upon Chris and Suzanne Shoemaker's 24-year tradition of playing the inspirational couple with their three children in the United States and abroad. I hope you enjoy this poem's sense of play, romance and a legendary couple's timeless devotion to what really matters - love.

By Chris Shoemaker

Most fabled and storied is Santa's life,
But few details are known about his wife.

Of this modern age, she's in the Christmas Who's Who,
It's her time to shine, kudos long overdue.

Her given name flows from your lips like a breeze,
You'll smile as you whisper, "Miss Suzie McEase."

But as Santa's companion, she's much better known,
As the great 'Mrs. Claus', a wife fit for a throne.

She's not queen-like or snooty, her nose high in the air,
But to treat her as common as dirt...'Don't you dare!'....

As a wee little girl, she won a beauty contest,
She writes poems in her journal, her rhymes are the best.

Her complexion is fair, her mood quirky yet sunny,
She once left a king, choosing love over money.

You’ve heard her name often, you might not know her manner,
She’s in charge of the Pole, she’s the ultimate planner.

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