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Mere Festive Mortals

So you’ve been touched with the Holiday spirit too!  It’s an infectious spirit to nurture and share with others.  Sharing kindness and compassion can only make this world a better place for all. 

We’re glad you came!  Please record your stop by taking a moment to fill out Santa’s Guest Book and receive a special gift.  He’ll certainly want to learn of your visit.  Join our growing family of friends and “believers.”  Keep in mind that you’re never too old to believe. 

Here you’ll learn some of the best-kept secrets and truthiness about Santa, his Elves, and their unique North Pole lifestyle.  These pages reveal fanciful customs, forgotten rituals, tidbits of gossip, Elf chatter and perhaps unknown knowledge about one of the most wonderful first ladies of all time -the Great Mrs. Claus.

Many of you know a few oft-told tales about Santa Claus and his annual Christmas Eve gift-giving flight.  We'd guess few of you know much about the year round, day-to-day lives of one of the world's most fabled and "coolest" families - The Clauses.

The Shoemakers, special friends and festive emissaries of The Clauses, are entrusted to share selected entries of the official “Claus Diaries” with you.  A click into The Claus Diaries will bring you that much closer to Santa, Mrs. Claus and their magical world that exists just behind what is plain and routine in our everyday lives.  Check back from time to time for recent updates.

Enjoy all that the loving spirit of Christmas brings.  May the Holidays bring us closer together.  Keep the spirit alive year round!

From our Claus Family to yours, HO, HO, HO, and good cheers to all!

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