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Mrs. Claus became a part of Suzanne's life when she first dated her husband back in 1983. They soon took off adventuring across the world- first in France, then to Scotland and later to China. Regardless of the country, Suzanne learned that the world looked differently through the eyes of The Claus Family .

Suzanne views The Claus Family Christmas as a way to contribute to a greater community while building an extended family with her own children. Over the years, all the Shoemaker's children have played the elves and the oldest sons have even "sat in for Santa" whenever there was a need. The tradition of Christmas is a true celebration of fun, laughter and holiday spirit for the entire Shoemaker clan.

The Claus Family Christmas is indeed about hearing wishes and posing with children for pictures, but it's also about sharing a tradition with other families from year to year, watching their children grow and building traditions. Playing Santa's "other half" has enriched her creative life with stories, customs, music and a unique sense of play. She counts this experience as one of the true privileges of her creative life.

For over thirty-five years, Suzanne has built a career as a Theater professor, scriptwriter, costume designer, director, and producer in theater, film and television. Since her earliest days as Mrs. Claus, she has drawn on these skills to conceive, design and sew the unique Claus Family Christmas costumes while collaborating with her husband on the original stories and music shared in their performances.

She is trained in improvisation, theater, comedy, animation and movement. Her advanced degrees are from the University of Missouri/Columbia and Oxford. Suzanne has developed programming in the Fine Arts for the states of Hawaii, Ohio, Michigan, and California. The National Endowment for the Arts, the President of the United States and the USIA have recognized and honored her work.

For the past sixteen years she and her husband have partnered to create Roads End Entertainment, LLC, an entertainment company specializing in conceiving and producing original projects for theme parks, film, cruise ships, television, community events and the stage.

In 1993, Suzanne co-founded and continues to serve the International Family Film Festival (IFFF), the longest running family film festival in the United States now in its thirteenth year. She and her husband are currently the Entertainment Editors of the Family Magazine Group/Los Angeles and syndicate Her Family/His , a monthly column reviewing entertainment, travel and leisure reaching over 1.5 million readers.

Throughout her lifetime she has lived and worked in over seven countries. Having been raised in Madrid, Spain, Suzanne speaks fluent Spanish along with some French, and Mandarin Chinese.

Among her most cherished honors is a college entrance essay written about her (Mrs. Claus) by a long-time regular visitor with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus watched this girl mature from childhood to womanhood from Christmas to Christmas. When this young woman was asked to write an essay on one of her favorite role models, she chose to write about Mrs. Claus!

Since 1983, Suzanne has embraced the role of Mrs. Claus and she's never looked back since. After all, it's hard to stay home when Santa is out traveling the world and meeting thousands of people!

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